Online advice

Method of providing the service

The Przybylak Law Firm to meet the user needs, while favoring direct contact with the customer, provides online consultancy services.

Given that the professional mandate assumed will be carried out in full compliance with the Deontological Code, the consultancy service is provided in the following way:
– the interested user must make an enquire by filling out the form on this page;
– the Przybylak law firm, within 2 days of receiving the enquire, will send to the e-mail address an estimate of the costs of the service, free of charge, specifying the possible payment options;
– the advice is provided within 2 working days from the time of payment; this opinion will be sent both by e-mail and by ordinary mail together with the receipt.

Please note:

The Law Firm replies within 2 working days, specifying whether or not to accept the mandate;
if it accepts, in the communication of the estimate, it reserves the right to request further information, in the event that the information provided is not sufficient for the completion of the practice.

The request for an estimate is not in any way bound to either the applicant or the recipient; and failure to pay within 15 days of sending of estimate, is to be considered as a waiver of the enquire, without the need for further communications. In this case the data provided will be deleted.

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