Cristina Przybylak

Italian Officer Cristina Przybylak was born in Sant’Angelo in Vado (PU) on April 10, 1972. After graduating at the scientific high school “L. Laurana ” in  Urbino (PU), she graduated in Law in the academic year 1997/98 at the University “Carlo Bo” in Urbino (PU).

She is registered in the Lawyer Register of Pesaro and she is included in the lists of lawyers available for free legal aid, kept by the Council of Lawyers of Pesaro.

She is Manager of Over-indebtedness Crisis, registered at n. 2503 in the list of Managers kept by the Ministry of Justice, as she possesses the prescribed requisites by art. 4 paragraph 5 letter. a) b) c) and paragraph 8 of the D.M. 202/2014 (attending in 2016 to 40-hours postgraduate specialization course in “Business crisis law”, by the University of Macerata, Department of Economics and Law; attending in 2019-2020 to the advanced training course “Managers of the over-indebtedness crisis” of 40 hours at Pegaso Telematic University).

She constantly takes care of her own preparation, through attending numerous courses and conferences, aimed at permanent professional updating. Among others:   the 60-hour “Accident prevention” training course preparatory to enrollment in the Register of Consultants for safety in the workplace (1999-2000); short Master of law bankruptcy (2011).

She collaborated with authoritative magazine “New agricultural law” on which she published some articles (in no. 2/1999 and no. 2/2000 magazines), and for some years, drew up a periodic observatory of EU legislation about the agricultural sector.

She is enrolled at the Pesaro section of National Observatory of Family Law (one of the most representative lawyers’ associations accredited by the National Lawyer Council).

She has been appointed as Liquidator in various over-indebtedness proceedings at Pesaro Court and at Urbino Court, and appointed as Manager of the Composition of the Crisis by the Chamber of Commerce of Marche.

She has been appointed as Sales Delegated in real estate enforcement procedures at the Pesaro Court.

She is a member of the Conventions Commission established at the Lawyers Council of Pesaro.