The Law Firm of Italian Officer Przybylak (based in Pesaro e in Urbino in the Marche Region) operates mainly in the civil sector and, guaranteeing maximum punctuality in the fulfillment of the tasks entrusted, provides legal services to private citizens, entrepreneurs, private companies, public bodies and authorities, professionals, offering consultancy services and judicial and extrajudicial legal assistance.

Furthermore, the Przybylak law firm offers the domiciliation service for other law firms at the Courts of Pesaro and Urbino, and at the Court of Appeal of Ancona.

Enterprises - Professionals
Public Bodies

For companies, professionals and public bodies, the Law Firm mainly offers judicial and extrajudicial advice and protection in:
– contractual scope (eg interpretation, drafting and assistance also during the transaction);
– corporate matters (both partnerships and joint stock companies);
– bankruptcy procedures (including over-indebtedness procedures);
– credit recovery;
– privacy (support for the compliance to the GDPR 2016/679).

Private Citizens

For private citizens, the Law Firm offers judicial and extrajudicial advice and protection in:
– family and minors’ law (e.g. separation, divorce, modification of conditions of separation/divorce);
– civil liability (compensation for damages also as a result of road accidents or accidents at work);
– communion and condominium;
– inheritances (wills, legacies, donations, acceptance and renunciation of inheritances);
– actions to protect property or possession;
– consumer protection;
– management of the over-indebtedness crisis (the so-called “save suicides” law).

Domiciliation for law firms

The Law Firm guarantees reliability, competence and maximum transparency, also through the timely updating of the fulfilments carried out and the status of the assigned practices.

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